Curated Accessibility News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Accessibility conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Report: Majority of websites are inaccessible to blind users (08-15-2019)
UK High Court rejects human rights challenge to bulk snooping powers (07-29-2019)
Google is phasing out the old Voice Search in favor of Assistant (07-28-2019)
Google will give 100,000 Home Minis to people with paralysis (07-26-2019)
Microsofts Code Jumper makes programming physical for children with visual impairments (01-22-2019)
A Guide to Software Engineering for the Visually Impaired (10-28-2018)
Price hike to Google Maps API could hit some brokerages hard (05-04-2018)
Google Maps launches a 'wheelchair accessible' option for 6 cities (03-16-2018)
Google Maps can now create transit routes that take wheelchair accessibility into account (03-15-2018)
Airbnb makes service more accessible to people with disabilities (03-15-2018)
FCC extends waiver for video game accessibility for the last time (12-28-2017)
Facebook improves how blind can "see" images using AI (12-19-2017)
Facebook's new facial recognition efforts help blind users know exactly who's in photos (12-19-2017)
Hulu sued for not offering audio service for blind customers (11-21-2017)
Talend Boosts Data Sharing Capabilities With Acquisition Of API Technology Developer Restlet (11-21-2017)
Airbnb buys Airbnb for disabled people startup Accomable in accessibility upgrade (11-16-2017)
Accessibility Services: What they are and why Google is cracking down on their misuse (11-15-2017)
Mapbox API Consumption Soars as Developers Demand More (09-12-2017)
Google Maps is getting friendlier to people with wheelchairs (09-07-2017)
Uber is getting sued by disability advocates again (07-18-2017)
A lawsuit filed in NYC claims Uber is in violation of human rights laws (07-18-2017)
Planet, People and Pixels: A Data Pipeline to link Planet API to Google Earth Engine (07-10-2017)
Pinterest head of design on accessibility through better design (07-10-2017)
Help improve Google Maps by adding accessibility info for your favorite spots (07-06-2017)
Google Maps crowdsources info for wheelchair (07-06-2017)
Google Maps is making it easier to flag if places are wheelchair (07-06-2017)
Accessibility and communication apps take FCC honors (06-13-2017)
Facebook Live introduces closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing users (06-06-2017)
API Document Generators Can Fall Woefully Short on Meeting Accessibility Guidelines (06-05-2017)
How to Document an API with Swagger UI (06-04-2017)
MIT develops a vibrating wearable to help people with visual impairments navigate (06-02-2017)
Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice (06-01-2017)
The Dot Braille Smartwatch | Reading Time And Texts By Touch (03-22-2017)
Accessibility Standards Get a Much-Needed Refresh (03-14-2017)
How Blind People See the iPhone With Their Fingers (03-11-2017)
How iBeacons could help blind people navigate roadworks (02-23-2017)
Accessibility features on the Roku platform (02-02-2017)
A group of Google employees spent their '20% time' making Google Maps wheelchair-friendly (GOOG) (12-15-2016)
Accessibility Gotchas at Duo (10-14-2016)
Securing the right to read for the visually impaired (09-30-2016)
FCC approves real-time text proposal to aid people with disabilities (04-28-2016)
From Nieman Reports: Why your news site should be more readable for the visually impaired (04-06-2016)
Twitter Enables Visually Impaired People To Feel Images (03-30-2016)
Accessible images for everyone (03-29-2016)
Twitter makes images better for the visually impaired (03-29-2016)
Facebook outfits React with Accessibility API (11-24-2015)
Using Section 508 Guidance to Improve the Accessibility of Government Services (06-05-2015)
Facebook Scrambles to Meet Security and Accessibility Needs (04-13-2015)
Working Toward An API Definition Driven, SEO, and Section 508 Compliant API Documentation Interface (04-09-2015)
Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility (03-16-2015)
Accessibility Is (Not) Scary (02-20-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.